We offer pediatric care from birth through college. We enjoy getting to know our patients and watching them grow.

This means well child checks are done at all ages.

We enjoy getting your baby off to a good start, whether breastfeeding or taking formula. The well baby checks will allow your baby to be immunized on the proper schedule and growth and development monitored. We can remind you what to worry about, and we can help you not worry so much about our natural worries.

Our emphasis is the emotional health of our patients. This often involves evaluating for ADHD but may mean anxiety or depression is the problem in children who are not doing well.

This means that if the terrible twos do not resolve on schedule, and your child is winning the discipline battle at any point, we would welcome a visit with you. After that point in life, children need to remain respectful and loving towards their family, while acquiring the skills they need to succeed by reading, exercise and developing friendships. We assist when families have trouble meeting these goals.

Between Cheryl Pippin pediatric nurse practitioner and Dr. J Alan Frierson, MD, we have years of experience evaluating and treating children with the whole range of acute and chronic pediatric illnesses. We have become good at recognizing what we can treat and what needs a referral to a subspecialist. But the first step is taking a clear and comprehensive history to understand the problem and doing an appropriate physical examination.

Se habla espaƱol

Both Cheryl Pippin PNP and Dr. J Alan Frierson enjoy the opportunity to use our medical Spanish to converse with patients. We may use a translator when we deal with complex problems, such as emotions and ADHD.

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J. Alan Frierson, Pediatric Physician

Cheryl Pippin, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner