The Rogue Way Home is a community-led program designed to address a long-term problem in the Rogue Valley— affordable housing with the needed support services so struggling and disadvantaged community members can find their way to a stable and thriving future.

The Inspiration
The Almeda Fire in September 2020 devastated the Rogue Valley and highlighted the limited resources available to many Oregonians. The fire destroyed 2,500 homes and exposed the lack of a safety net.
While various public and private organizations mobilized quickly to help the survivors, many struggled to navigate a disjointed system.

The Approach
The Rogue Way Home is a comprehensive housing program that ties together all the services our community offers in a client-centered approach. While living at the property, residents will be offered a menu of services including primary care, behavioral health, substance use treatment, employment skills training, childcare, connection to education, family and social supports, assistance with accessing public benefits, and long-term housing. Some of these services will be provided by partner community organizations.

The goal of the Rogue Way Home program is to increase clients’ resiliency, self-sufficiency, and resourcefulness on their path towards a thriving, stable future in a community of their choice. The key to this program’s success is residents’ belief in their ability to succeed and resident investment in their community. To these ends, we intend to foster personal growth opportunities, connection between residents, utilization of natural resources, and celebration in community recovery.

While the initial target population is the fire-impacted, we recognize a larger need in the community.

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Equity and Inclusion
Rogue Community Health prioritizes justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in all services and programs that it offers. As such, the housing program will be designed to meet the language-accessible, culturally relevant, trauma-informed needs of residents.

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Current Availability

The Jackson (518 N Riverside Ave. in Medford)

Remodeled efficiency units available now for fire survivors. The property includes 24/7 security, on-site property management, laundry facilities, a dog run, outdoor pool, parking, and free TV and wi-fi. If interested in applying, please contact ACCESS at 541-779-6691.

"Our community suffers from a lack of readily available, affordable housing. To support total health of patients, we will focus not only on treating current illnesses but also on health-promotion activities, which include food, childcare, social supports and adequate permanent housing."

– William North, CEO

Rogue Community Health CEO