About Us

Discover the Rogue Way to Health

Operating as a non-profit organization for over 50 years, we are committed to making sure everyone in our community receives the best possible healthcare, no matter their insurance or financial status. With outstanding providers and convenient state-of-the-art health centers, we address each patient’s path to wellness; it’s the Rogue Way to Health.

We welcome everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. Being healthy isn’t just about the absence of illness, it’s about the presence of wellness, so we offer extensive resources and use the best possible clinical protocols to help all of our clients on the road to self-sufficiency.

Our services include medical and preventative care, routine wellness check-ups, chronic illness issues, as well as behavioral health and dental care. We collaborate with other organizations, like our partners in the Rogue Challenge, to assist our patients in accessing the variety of services available, promoting self-sufficiency as a key to well-being.

With our team-based approach, you’ll have all the support necessary to achieve your health goals, and can take advantage of our healthy-living programs designed to help you thrive. Rogue Community Health’s goal is to offer our entire community a path to wellness: it’s the Rogue Way to Health.

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