Your Upcoming Virtual Visit

Expectations for a Phone or Virtual Visit

At Rogue Community Health, it is important to us that the quality of your telephone or virtual visit is identical to the quality of care that you have come to expect from us when you visit our clinics. In order to accomplish this, we want you to be aware of the following expectations.

If you have any questions, please call us at 541-773-3863.

Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your scheduled virtual appointment.


Conduct the visit in a private location so that others cannot overhear your conversation with your provider.

Conduct the visit in a location that has a stable cellular and/or internet connection.

Plan to be available 20 minutes prior to your appointment, answer your phone, and check in on time for your appointment.


Engage in a visit while operating a vehicle or machinery.

Engage in a visit while doing any activity (such as eating, working, going to the bathroom, shopping, etc.). We need your undivided attention.