Community Health Workers

More Than Just Medical Care

At Rogue Community Health, we understand that health and well-being extend beyond traditional medical care. Our dedicated Community Health Workers (CHWs) are passionate about supporting our members in all aspects of their lives. They are non-clinical professionals committed to helping you access a wide range of services that influence your overall health, including:

  • Food Assistance: Finding reliable sources of nutritious food.
  • Housing Assistance: Supporting needs related to housing and shelter.
  • Transportation: Removing barriers to getting you to your appointments and essential services.
  • Benefits Assistance: Guiding you through SNAP, TANF, and Disability processes.
  • Personal Safety and Security: Providing resources to keep you and your family safe.
  • Behavioral Health Support: Navigating mental health resources with compassion.
  • Addiction and Recovery Services: Supporting your individual needs. 
  • Childcare: Helping you find childcare solutions.
  • Health Insurance Navigation: Making sense of your health insurance options.

Collaborate on Creating an Action Plan

Our CHWs take a person-centered approach to addressing the goals that are most important to you.  They will sit with you to understand your unique needs and the challenges you may have had in meeting them.  CHWs collaborate with you to create an action plan that leverages your strengths and own personal resources in combination with their support and advocacy. In working through your action plan, they will empower and work alongside you, providing education and opportunities for skill building.  Our CHWs have a close understanding of our community, and are exceptionally skilled at navigating both the healthcare and social services systems.

Get a Referral to a Community Health Worker

Referrals to our Community Health Workers can come from your Care Team. All members are screened to identify potential barriers that might hinder access to care or other necessary services. This screening helps us understand how we can support you beyond your physical health needs, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your well-being.

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Ask your provider for a referral at your next appointment. 

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