Medical Records

How To Access Medical Records

For Our Valued Community Partners

If you have patient records to share with us, please fax them to 541-500-8171. Your collaboration in maintaining comprehensive and up-to-date patient records is greatly appreciated.

For Our Patients

Easily access your health records through your Rogue Community Health MyChart account. Simply click MyChart Access for immediate entry to your medical information.

Need More Than MyChart?

If MyChart covers only some of your needs, or if you're requesting information as an external organization, we're here to help. Obtain copies of medical records by completing a Request of Information in the following ways:


Fax Your Request

Please fax your request to 541-500-8171.

Mail or In-Person Delivery

Rogue Community Health
Attn: Medical Records
19 Myrtle St
Medford, OR 97504

Acting on Behalf of a Patient?

Please include a copy of the Power of Attorney with your request.

Know Your Rights

As a patient in Oregon, you have specific rights regarding your medical records. For more information, please click here.

Questions or Concerns?

We're here to assist you! Call us at 541-773-3863.