Help Getting Your Health Insurance

Eligibility Assistants: Your Guide Through the Health Insurance Maze

At Rogue Community Health, we understand that finding the right health insurance coverage can be complex and overwhelming. Whether you're applying for the first time or need to renew your coverage, our Eligibility Assistants (EAs) are skilled navigators ready to guide you through the Oregon Health Plan application process, explore private insurance options through the Marketplace, and more. We're committed to helping everyone, regardless of age, income, or immigration status.

Here’s How We Can Help

Guide Members through the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) application and or/renewal process.

Contact OHP customer service to troubleshoot issues on your behalf.

Assist with access OHP benefits, request changes, file grievances, or appeal decisions.

Meet Your Eligibility Assistants

Mary Yoc, EA

  • 541-890-4824
  • Office Hours:
    Mon-Fri 8-4:30pm

  • White City:
    Tue & Thurs 8-2:15 pm,
    Wed 8-12pm (Spanish Speaking)

Sandra Bañuelos, EA

  • 541-531-8544
  • Office Hours:
    Mon & Fri 7:30-11:30am (White City)

  • Remote:
    Tue, Wed & Thu 8:30am-12:30am (Spanish Speaking)

Tara Miller, EA

  • 541-973-3564
  • Office Hours:
    Mon-Fri 7-3:30pm

  • Ashland:
    Tue & Thurs 7-3:30

Maggie Mendoza, EA

  • 541-531-8745
  • Office Hours:
    Mon-Thurs 7:30-6pm

  • Medford:
    Mon & Tues 7:30-6pm (Spanish Speaking)

We’re Here for You - Reach out Today.

Useful Links:

  • Oregon Health Plan: 1-800-699-9075
  • Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace: 1-855-268-3767

Keep Your Oregon Health Plan (OHP) Coverage

Stay Covered in Changing Times

The end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency brings changes to temporary benefits and OHP coverage. Don't risk losing your medical coverage or other benefits!

How to Protect Your Benefits
The Oregon Health Authority will contact you to confirm your eligibility for continued OHP and other benefits. If the state can’t reach you, you could lose your medical coverage and other benefits, even if you still qualify!

Act Fast

  • Update your contact information
  • Check your mail for OHP communications
  • Respond promptly to keep your benefits

You can update your contact information online, in person, or over the phone.

For personalized assistance and to ensure your benefits remain uninterrupted, please call your Eligibility Assistant directly at the numbers listed below.