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Healthcare Centered Around You

At Rogue Community Health, we embrace a healthcare model known as a Patient-Centered Medical Home that emphasizes personalized, comprehensive care.

What is a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

As a Patient-Centered Medical Home, we strive to provide coordinated care that helps each person in our care be as healthy as possible. We do that by putting you at the center of your care.

Your Care Team: Instead of seeing a single provider, you’ll have a collaborative team working with you to ensure the best care possible.

Personalized Care Plans: Your care team will create a personalized care plan that helps you achieve your health goals. 

Medication Review: We’ll help you understand your prescriptions and ensure they’re right. 

Comprehensive Support: From medication management to mental health, we coordinate all aspects of your care and connect you with the right resources and support. Our team works seamlessly behind the scenes, saving you time and hassle.

Accessible and Convenient: We leverage technology like email, video calls, and mobile health apps to ensure you can easily reach your healthcare team. Learn more about the advantages of using MyChart and our Pharmacy App.  

Throughout your journey, you may make stops at different places. No matter where you go, your primary care team will help guide and coordinate your care.


Rogue Community Health belongs to an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), allowing us to partner with a network of doctors, hospitals, and healthcare providers to help you get the highest quality of care personalized to your unique health needs. Click here to learn more.