There are many pieces to the healthcare puzzle, and much of it happens behind the scenes, out of our patients’ view. Managing all of those pieces is our leadership team, a group of highly-qualified professionals committed to delivering the best possible healthcare to everyone in our community.

William North, Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Weiner, DO, Chief Medical Officer
Calisa Warnke, Chief Financial Officer
Terry Keesling, Chief Operations Officer
Ryan Bair, LCSW, Chief Network Officer
Amy Baker, PharmD, Pharmacy Director
Chris Atkinson, Systems Director
Erica Idso-Weisz, Behavioral Health Director
Kourtni Faber, EPDH, Prevention Program Manager & Interim Dental Clinic Manager
Rhonda Freerks, Health Center Director – Butte Falls and Prospect
Toni Gauger, CHC, Compliance Director
Jeffrey “Tim” Jacob, DMD, Dental Director
Ginger Kentzell, Human Resources Director
Karen Elliott, Development Director
Leslie Martinez, Health Center Director – Ashland
Larissa Medina, Health Center Director – White City
Leslie Martinez, Support Services Director
Richelle Marshall, Member Services Director
Ceci Robe, School Health Program Director
Erin Scow, Health Center Director – Medford
Darcie Castleberry, Finance Director
Emilie Smith, CPC, Revenue Director
Jackie Weber, Quality Director

Board of Directors

Erica Meager, President
John Mytinger, President-Elect
Tammy Miller, Secretary
David Figurate, Treasurer
Roger Howe, Immediate Past President
Mary Coombs
Kate Gillooly
Marya Kain
Diarmuid McGuire
Doug McKenzie
Charles “Gordon” Smith
Linda Tucker