The Rogue Way Home

Transitional Housing for Those in Need

Rogue Community Health created the Rogue Way Home program following the Almeda Fire in September 2020, which devastated 2,500 homes and affected thousands of individuals in the Rogue Valley. Rogue Way Home provides transitional housing for fire survivors, serving as a stepping stone to permanent housing. While we currently support fire survivors, we recognize the broader need in our community to connect individuals and families with affordable housing and human services.

Rogue Community Health is deeply committed to serving our community, emphasizing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient community!

We Provide More Than A Home

As part of the program, Rogue Way Home provides case management with a team of Tenant Services Case Managers (TSCM), who work jointly with fire survivors residing at The Jackson. Upon entering the program, a TSCM conducts a thorough needs assessment to identify each resident's strengths, preferences, and obstacles.

Following these individual assessments, TSCMs initiate collaborative discussions with residents to establish their goals and outline a tailored action plan to achieve them. This personalized plan aligns closely with the resident’s specific needs and priorities as they progress towards securing permanent housing and attaining self-sufficiency. A TSCM maintains regular communication with residents to track progress, adjust the plan as necessary, address any challenges encountered, and celebrate milestones achieved along the way.

Some of the common areas where a TSCM may provide support include:

  • Navigating healthcare services such as primary care, vision, dental, behavioral health, and substance use treatment;
  • Employment and education resources;
  • Childcare and parenting support;
  • Assistance with accessing public benefits;
  • Transportation services and resources;
  • Identifying housing resources;
  • Connection with social services agencies; and
  • Advocacy and support.

Support and case management services are not limited to this list and may include additional support based on individual needs and circumstances.

The Jackson: A New Beginning

Located at 518 N Riverside Ave. in Medford, The Jackson community provides on-site management with 24/7 security. Each unit is equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable and supportive environment, including a refrigerator, microwave or a microwave/convection oven combo, stovetop, and heat/air conditioning unit.