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Jeremy Claassen, DDSDentist

: Medford Dental Clinic: 541-500-0959

    Education and Work Experience

    • BA in Biology, UC Santa Cruz, 1994 (Highest Honors)
    • MS in Parasitology, NYU, 1998 (malaria vaccine development using a mouse model)
    • Lab Tech, Palo Alto VA, through 2005 (molecular biology Alzheimer’s disease research)
    • DDS, NYU, 2009 (Top 1% of my graduating class.)
    • General Practice Residency, McClellan VA in Sacramento, 2010
    • Staff Dentist, Butte Valley Health Center

    Professional Interest

    I believe that everyone should be entitled to healthcare, and I find it satisfying and meaningful to restore people’s oral health and function.
    Of the dental specialties, I most enjoy getting people out of pain, making dentures, and performing dental extractions.

    Personal Interests

    Various introverted activities including:

    Reading: (Favorite novels this last year or so include: Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes; most of David Mitchell’s books; and the Murderbot series by Martha Wells)
    Movies: (Favorites include The Lord of the Rings trilogy; Black Hawk Down;  Saving Private Ryan; Arrival; and Interstellar)
    Going for walks with my wife and dogs.