Healthcare Legal Program

Ask your medical provider for a referral, or call 541-500-0977

Legal assistance is available by appointment to Rogue Community Health established patients who meet eligibility requirements.

Rogue Community Health is committed to improving the health of our community by providing direct legal assistance for established patients as well as community workshops and training, in both English and Spanish, on legal topics that impact health.   A referral to, or contact with, a health-legal attorney does not guarantee that you will receive legal advice or that your case can be accepted.

All legal services offered fall within the purview of Federal laws, at this time.


Public Housing; Section 8; private landlord; reasonable accommodations; housing discrimination


Civil rights laws, government benefits, and immigration


Labor law; unemployment benefits; workers’ compensation; individual education plans


Domestic violence; restraining orders


Temporary assistance to needy families, social security benefits, Medicaid, Medicare, and general assistance

COST:  Healthcare Legal attorney services are available to those who are eligible at no direct cost.  You must be an established patient at Rogue Community Health as well as meet other eligibility requirements.