AHS Mental Health Counseling

Dear AHS Families,

It is no surprise that our community is going through a difficult time right now. If you or your family is struggling, you are not alone! Adolescents, in particular, are facing so many challenges, disappointments, losses and unknowns. Though everyone will experience and process this time differently, we all will cope with our mental health in one way or another. Some things to be aware of include:

  • Anxiety, panic or excessive worry
  • Grief, loss, disappointment and anger
  • Traumatic events including discrimination
  • Family conflict
  • Depression, apathy or suicidal thoughts
  • Isolation, withdrawal, boredom and loneliness
  • Substance use or changes in behavior

If you have concerns about yourself, your teen or family and feel like it would be beneficial to meet with a therapist, the AHS Health Center is here to offer support. We provide confidential mental health services, via phone or video, Monday through Friday and will do our best to accommodate student schedules. If a student is unsure about engaging, it is possible to schedule a brief virtual “meet and greet” to see if they want to try counseling. We offer ongoing individual, family and group therapy, risk assessments, safety planning, and referrals.

To contact our Therapist, Kimberly Wasserman, LCSW, or to schedule an appointment, students and parents can call the health center between the hours of 8:30-4:00 at 541-842-7677.

If you are concerned that the student is in imminent danger, please call Jackson County Mental Health at 541-774-8201 or call 911.

We do bill insurance if the student has coverage, but nobody will be turned away for inability to pay. If you are uninsured, we can also help you get signed up for the Oregon Health Plan. We are all in this together, and we are here to support your family.