ADHD Symptoms in Children

This list of ADHD signs and symptoms in children should not be used for diagnosis but may prompt a discussion with your child’s doctor.

Difficulty staying on task and completing projects

Does your child get easily sidetracked when completing school work or chores?

Difficulty paying attention

Does your child have trouble with following instructions or staying organized in their schoolwork?

Appearing not to listen when spoken to

Does your child often appear be elsewhere when speaking to them, even when obvious distractions are absent?

Has difficulty sitting still and/or fidgets

Do teachers complain that your child leaves their seat or moves around too much in class?

Always active

Does your child have difficulty engaging in calmer, quieter activities?

Talks excessively or blurts out answers to questions

Does your child talk more than average and/or answer questions without waiting to be called on in class?

Has difficulty taking turns

Does your child struggle to wait in line or wait their turn during games or activities?

ADHD Test & Behavioral Evaluation

If you suspect your child has ADHD, call 541-773-3863 to make an appointment with a Rogue Community Health Pediatrician for an ADHD behavioral evaluation.

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